Updated: February 13, 2018

CBCAN logoThe CBC Accelerator Network (CBCAN) program has created a community, bringing together industry experts, university tech transfer officers, researchers and others from the local and extended biomedical ecosystem with discoveries that may have commercial potential. The aim is to move promising discoveries into and forward in the pipeline towards commercialization, providing early commercial guidance that universities and university-based researchers need (see graphic below).

CBCAN meetings have initially been used to explore and develop community input for the Accelerator Award (AA) and Entrepreneurial Fellows (EF) programs. Upcoming meetings, to be held quarterly or more frequently as needed, will feature presentations of research efforts that may have commercial potential as a key component of the AA program. Future CBCAN meetings will also include presentations by EF, who are acquiring entrepreneurial skills by working closely with experts in the multiple stages of commercialization.

The CBCAN program is central to both the AA and EF components of CBC’s Phase 2 initiatives.

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CBCAN #6, April 19, 2018a recap:
▸ CBC Accelerator Network (CBCAN) meeting: Early Stage Regulatory Guidance on the Pathway to an IND discussed at April 19 CBCAN
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CBCAN #5, February 8, 2018a recap:
▸ CBC Accelerator Network (CBCAN) meeting: Accelerator Award proposals round one, part 2
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CBCAN #4, February 1, 2018a recap:
▸ CBC Accelerator Network (CBCAN) meeting: Accelerator Award proposals round one, part 1
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CBCAN #3, October 26, 2017a recap:
▸ CBC Accelerator Network (CBCAN) meeting: Moving forward with CBC Phase 2 programming
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CBCAN #2, July 20, 2017a recap:
▸ Members of the CBC Accelerator Network (CBCAN) discuss the new CBC Accelerator Award program at the second CBCAN meeting
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CBCAN #1, March 30, 2017a recap:
▸ The CBC Accelerator Network (CBCAN) off to a great start!
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