The mission of the Chicago Biomedical Consortium (CBC) is to stimulate collaboration among scientists at Northwestern University, The University of Chicago, the University of Illinois at Chicago and others to accelerate discovery that will transform biomedical research and improve the health of humankind.
The CBC gratefully acknowledges support from the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust.

CBC Newsletter, Vol. 25, Spring 2018
New Funding, Educational and Networking Opportunities

CBC would like to share the Spring 2018 Newsletter which describes new funding, educational and networking opportunities available to the CBC community this coming summer and fall.

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Announcement  I  February 26, 2018

June 4-8, 2018
CBC invites new applications in the Accelerator Award program

CBC Accelerator Award is a milestone-driven award program ($100,000 for 1st year) focused on translational research toward therapeutics or associated biomarkers and diagnostics.

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Announcement  I  April 23, 2018

October 3, 2018
16th Annual CBC Symposium
“A new age of structural biology: structure meets dynamics”

Featuring: Jingyi FEI, UChicago; André HOELZ, Caltech; Janet SMITH, University of Michigan; Reza VAFABAKHSH, NU; Eric XU, Van Andel Institute and Xiaojing YANG, UIC.

Enjoy our “Save-the-date” video!

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SUCCESS STORY  I  May 24, 2018

Nanowires in the spotlight

Past CBC awardee, Bozhi Tian, UChicago, speaks about his career and his newest research for the journal Nature.

Bozhi Tian, UChicago

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SUCCESS STORY  I  May 24, 2018

Gut, blood and leukemia

From gut to blood to cancer—CBC scientists, Lucy Godley and Eugene Chang, UChicago, provide new insights into the mechanism of TET2-linked leukemia development.

bone marrow

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SUCCESS STORY  I  May 23, 2018

Congratulations to Kathleen Green, NU!

Past CBC awardee and frequent CBC board contributor, Kathleen Green, NU, is honored with the David Martin Carter Mentor Award.

Kathleen Green, NU

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Director’s Corner  I  May 22, 2018

Medicinal chemistry (or drug discovery more generally) is hard. Some guidance for making it possible.

In a somewhat unusual Perspective article in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Mark Murcko, a seasoned drug hunter, expounds upon the attributes that he’s observed associated with successful medicinal chemists over the course of his career.

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Featured Events

May 25, 2018
UChicago Biological Sciences Division (BSD)
▸ The Fifth Annual Janet and Donald Rowley Biological Sciences Collegiate Honors Symposium
on Susan Sontag, AB’51’s maxim, “The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions.”

May 29-30, 2018
UChicago Comprehensive Cancer Center & Public Health Sciences
▸ The 2nd OncoStat Symposium

June 20, 2018
UChicago / NU / UIC
▸ 2018 Chicago-area Maternal and Infant Microbiome Symposium (MIMoS)
(Download flyer)

July 20, 2018
UIC College of Pharmacy
▸ Chicago Mass Spec Day 2018

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Biotech & Entrepreneurship

May 1 – June 3, 2018
UChicago Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
▸ UChicago Innovation Fest

May 24, 2018
▸ Idea->Patent->Product

June 13-14, 2018
▸ SBIR/STTR Grant Writing Workshop

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