The mission of the Chicago Biomedical Consortium (CBC) is to stimulate collaboration among scientists at Northwestern University, The University of Chicago, the University of Illinois at Chicago and others to accelerate discovery that will transform biomedical research and improve the health of humankind.
The CBC gratefully acknowledges support from the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust.

Announcement  I  Posted: February 14, 2019  I  Updated: May 1, 2019

NEW FUNDING PROGRAM — RFA: Entrepreneurial Fellows
▸ CBC invites applications to the new CBC-Northwestern University Entrepreneurial Fellows (EF) Award program

The EF program identifies and supports the professional development of academic researchers who are keen to develop skills and experiences needed to move translational projects from a university lab towards commercialization and potentially into a Chicago-based biotech start-up. Recent PhD and/or MD/PhD recipients who have a strong interest and passion for driving innovative and transformational biomedical research from the university towards clinical and ultimately commercial applications are eligible to apply to the program.

Applications for the initial class of Entrepreneurial Fellows will be accepted on the rolling basis until August 1, 2019 or until the positions are filled.

▸ Entrepreneurial Fellows RFA

Announcement  I  Posted: May 23, 2019

RFA: CBC Accelerator Award
▸ Announcing next round of applications

CBC Accelerator Award is a milestone-driven award program (up to $100,000 for 1st year) focused on translational research toward therapeutics or associated biomarkers and diagnostics.

Application dates for round 4 LOIs: November 11-22, 2019

▸ Accelerator RFA

Announcement  I  Posted: February 19, 2018

RFA: CBC Catalyst Award
▸ Announcing next round of applications

Catalysts are one-time incentive awards (up to $250,000), focused on basic biological/ biomedical research with transformative potential, made to teams with principals and other strong representation from at least two of the CBC institutions.

Application dates: August 26-30, 2019

▸ Catalyst RFA

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Announcement  I  Posted: December 12, 2018 (Updated: March 21, 2019)

17th Annual CBC Symposium (2019)
▸ The impact of machine learning and AI on biomedicine

Date: Friday, October 11, 2019

Location: UChicago Campus

Organizers: Bob Grossman (UChicago), Alex Leow (UIC) and Yuan Luo (NU)

More information coming up soon!

Announcement  I  Posted: April 18, 2019

Upcoming CBCANs (2019)

The CBC Accelerator Network (CBCAN) program has created a community, bringing together industry experts, university tech transfer officers, researchers and others from the local and extended biomedical ecosystem with discoveries that may have commercial potential.

Following CBCANs are in a planning phase for 2019:

  • CBC Accelerator Award recipients’ (Rd. 1) progress reports (TBA)
  • CBC Accelerator Award recipients’ (Rd. 2) progress reports (TBA)
  • Fireside Chat with a local entrepreneur (TBA)

More information coming up soon!

Announcement  I  Posted: April 18, 2019

Upcoming CBC Award Programs’ Information Sessions (2019)

Building on the success of the CBC Accelerator Award Information Session at Northwestern in December 2018, the CBC is planning a series of similar info sessions and/or workshops about both, the Accelerator and the Catalyst Award programs.

The info sessions in planning phase for 2019 include:

  • CBC Accelerator and Catalyst Award Info Session at UIC (TBA)
  • CBC Accelerator and Catalyst Award Info Session at UChicago (TBA)

More information coming up soon!

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Success story  I  May 24, 2019

▸ Lucky male (mice)
Featuring CBC Awardee—Sangram Sisodia, UChicago

Antibiotic cleanse of gut bacteria reduces Alzheimer’s symptoms in mouse model of the disease but only in male, not in female mice — past CBC awardee, Sangram Sisodia, UChicago, reports. Congratulations!

Success story  I  May 23, 2019

▸ Endothelial barrier—tight then leaky
Featuring four CBC affiliates—Andrei Karginov, Jeffrey Klomp and Asrar B. Malik (UIC) and Teng-Leong Chew (Janelia)

Four CBC affiliates — Andrei Karginov, Jeffrey Klomp and Asrar B. Malik (UIC) and Teng-Leong Chew (Janelia) — contribute to a new study in Cell Chemical Biology about the endothelial barrier regulation. Congratulations!

News  I  May 21, 2019

▸ CBC attends UChicago’s IT Matters: Driving Research and Discovery
Featuring CBC Awardee—Bob Grossman, UChicago

A conversation on research and high performance computing with Rob Gardner and Bob Grossman, a CBC past awardee. Congratulations!

Success story  I  May 21, 2019

▸ Cells surrounding the cancer promote its spread
Featuring two CBC Awardees—Ernst Lengyel and Raymond Moellering, UChicago

Success story  I  May 21, 2019

▸ Serine to treat inflammation?
Featuring CBC Awardee—Navdeep Chandel, NU

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Posted: Jan. 18, 2019
2019 Award Competition: Development of Point-Of-Care Testing for HIV and Co-Morbidities for Use in Low and Middle Income Countries
The NIBIB-funded Center for Innovation in Point-of-Care Technologies for HIV/AIDS at Northwestern University (C-THAN) seeks collaborative research projects to develop novel point-of-care technologies (POCT) aimed at improving diagnosis and treatment monitoring of HIV/AIDS and co-morbidities in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC). If successful, projects should be viable candidates for commercial development. Awards will be up to $100,000.
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Posted: Dec. 19, 2018
INVOForward Seeking Teams Interested in Commercializing Therapeutics
INVOForward is a mentorship program designed to help Northwestern teams accelerate biomedical commercialization, such as therapeutics, medical devices, and Health IT.
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Posted: Dec. 3, 2018
The NIA funded Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial Consortia (ACTC) soliciting proposals from investigators for consideration into larger clinical trials.
The ACTC is led by Dr. Paul Aisen (USC), Dr. Reisa Sperling (Harvard), Dr. Ron Petersen (Mayo), and Dr. Laurie Ryan from NIA. Projects that are developed as part of ACTC may be either NIA funded entirely, or funded as public-private partnerships. All phases of clinical trials are being considered as studies in this Consortium.
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Posted: Aug. 8, 2018
New, Updated and Expanded Services provided by the University of Chicago Genomics Facility
The University of Chicago Genomics Facility has:

Posted: Aug. 1, 2018 (Updated Oct. 5, 2018)
New Opportunities for the CBC Community
Northwestern’s NSF-Simons Center for Quantitative Biology has a few opportunities for researchers in quantitative biology.

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Posted: May 3, 2019
Save the date: May 1 – June 1, 2019
UChicago Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
▸ UChicago Innovation Fest

Posted: May 23, 2019
Save the date: May 24, 2019
UChicago BSD
▸ The Sixth Annual Janet and Donald Rowley Biological Sciences Collegiate Honors Symposium
on Carl Sagan, SB’55’s maxim, “It is the tension between creativity and skepticism that has produced the stunning and unexpected findings of science.”

Posted: May 7, 2019
Save the date: May 28, 2019
INVO & Lakeside Discovery Seminar
▸ Transforming Antibodies into Drugs

Posted: May 7, 2019
Save the date: June 5, 2019
UChicago’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
▸ George Shultz Innovation Fund Finals – Spring 2019

Posted: May 3, 2019
Save the date: June 13, 2019
Women in Bio (WIB) – Chicago & iBIO
A life science networking event for those who love life

Posted: May 21, 2019
Save the date: July 19, 2019
UIC College of Pharmacy and Chicago Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group
▸ Chicago Mass Spec Day
Keynote speaker: Yue Chen, University of Minnesota.

Posted: April 18, 2019
Save the date: July 23 – July 25, 2019
UIC Center for Clinical and Translational Science
▸ Short Course in Clinical and Translational Research Methods

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