Development of Novel Treatment for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Type of Award: accelerator
Award Number: A-003
Award Period: July 2018 - June 2019
Amount Awarded: $ 97,641.00
PI(s): Yulia Komarova, UIC;

Abstract: Age related macular degeneration (AMD) is a leading cause of vision loss in older patients. The leading current therapy required frequent injections into the eye, which is highly burdensome to the patients and healthcare providers. Therefore, there is a great need for the development of novel therapies targeting the underlying causes of AMD that decrease this burden and remain highly effective. We have designed a novel therapy, named EBIN, that has shown to be effective via eyedrop in treating the underlying causes of AMD when tested in rodent models. However, as only non-human primates have eye structure closely related to humans, we need to understand whether EBIN works well in treating the underlying causes of AMD in the non-human primate retina in order to bring EBIN to future clinical trials. This Accelerator Award would aid us in funding these critical translational experiments.