Organization Structure

Updated: August 3, 2017

The Provosts of each of the CBC universities (Northwestern University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)) directly oversee the CBC and provide institutional responsibility. The Provosts, or their designees, meet periodically to review the activities of the CBC and the efforts of their institutions in supporting the CBC mission.

The CBC program is managed by the Executive Director and the CBC Leadership, which is composed of three Scientific Directors, one from each participating university. Each Scientific Director is appointed by the Provost of his or her institution and requires an approval of the other two Provosts. The Scientific Directors function as a triumvirate, providing overall direction and guidance of the CBC.

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Day-to-day management of CBC programs rests with an Executive Director, who reports to the CBC Leadership and Provosts. A core Program Management Staff, whose members are distributed among the different CBC campuses, assist with ongoing operations.

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External Advisory Board
The External Advisory Board (EAB) is composed of three distinguished external scientists, a member of the biotechnology business community, a representative of the Chicago community, representatives of the Searle family, and a representative of The Chicago Community Trust. The EAB meets yearly to provide general direction, advice, and counsel to the CBC Leadership.

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Scientific Review Board
CBC awards are made on the basis of scientific merit and are evaluated by the Scientific Review Board (SRB) composed of equal numbers of scientists from consortium institutions who serve on a volunteer basis. The board advises the Scientific Directors and works closely with the Executive Director to define and implement the specifics of the particular award program.

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